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Modular Lower Third Kits

$29.95 $59.98

Modular Lower Third Kits

$29.95 $59.98

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Bundle of Ukramedia's Flat and Corporate Style Modular Lower Third Kits for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

This bundle provides Modular, Responsive, and Automated Premiere Pro & After Effects Templates that allow you to create custom Flat & Corporate Style Lower Thirds from just a single template. It’s very easy to use and quick to make changes.

Features and Specifications - Corporate Style

  • Automated and Modular in After Effects and Premiere Pro
  • Universal Expressions
  • Very small project file (Zip file is 804 KB)
  • No usage restrictions
  • Well Organized
  • Compatible with all resolutions
  • Video tutorial included (HD)
  • Duration Controller with Offset Options
  • 20 Color Theme Presets
  • 16 Lower Third Presets
  • Easy & quick to customize
  • Color Options
  • Skew and Roundness Options
  • Alternative Animations
  • Advanced Animated Stroke Options
  • Advanced Logo & Text Options
  • Advanced Animation Options
  • Advanced Reflection Options
  • Advanced Gradient Options
  • Advanced Size Options
  • Animated Light Sweep
  • Advanced Fade In & Out Options
  • Advanced Blur In & Out Options
  • Compatible with After Effects CC 13+
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro CC 17+
  • No plug-in required
  • Font is not included

Features and Specifications - Flat Style

  • Smart Auto-Size. The Size of the Lower Third Automatically Adjusts to the Size & Visibility of the Logo & Text layers
  • Advanced Spacing Controls
  • Quick & Easy to Change Colors
  • Flip Elements with Only One Click
  • Easy to use Animation Timing Controls
  • An Option to Adjust Animation Timing with Markers
  • Alternative Animation Options
  • Color Presets
  • Animation Presets
  • Ready to use in Premiere Pro as MOGRT File (Motion Graphics Templates)
  • Well Organized
  • Quick & Easy to Customize
  • Universalized Expressions
  • Very Small Project File (380 KB)
  • No Usage Restrictions
  • Compatible with All Resolutions
  • Video Tutorial Included (HD)
  • Only 1 Optional Precomp for the Custom Logo, Everything Else are Vectors
  • No Plug-in Required
  • The Font is Not Included
  • Compatible with After Effects CC 13+
  • Compatible with Premiere Pro CC 17+


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