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ColorSynth for Mac/Win

$49.50 $99.00

ColorSynth for Mac/Win
ColorSynth for Mac/Win ColorSynth for Mac/Win ColorSynth for Mac/Win

$49.50 $99.00

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Innovative Color Grading for Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Apple Motion

ColorSynth is the outcome of a two-year-long collaboration between Codex and superstar Hollywood colorist Yvan Lucas, whose IMDb credits represent visual masterpieces of over 190 films such as Amelie, Seven, The Revenant, Shutter Island, War Horse, The Hateful Eight, and The Irishman.

Lucas aided the Codex team to co-produce a simple yet innovative color grading solution that would incorporate over 35 years of image processing and color grading experience – for all levels of users – and would be compatible with their preferred work environment.

Innovative Color Grading
Simple at first glance, ColorSynth is an elaborate pre-wired network of color processing nodes totaling more than sixty items arranged in an six-layer stack with several sub-layers.

Floating Point Precision
No matter how complex the grade, ColorSynth renders the results in floating point precision, at a constant speed.  From a simple One Light pass to the most complex needs, ColorSynth is easy to learn quickly

Innovative Color Remapping

Core to ColorSynth’s toolset is an elegantly designed collection of innovative color remapping tools called Color EQ. Color remapping tools have been around for decades; however, the mathematics usually result in unwanted color distortion artifacts that impede their usefulness and usability. ColorSynth’s Color EQ nodes have been carefully engineered to address these issues and to deliver enhanced possibilities to all users.

Color EQ nodes
The Main EQ provides Hue, Lightness, and Saturation curves that deliver stunning results. The Shading EQ is a specialized tool designed to modify the Hue, Lightness and Saturation of complex conditional color qualities. The Color Mixer allows super clean RGB-based remapping of nine color bands.


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