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Fast, Smart, Efficient, and Reliable Transcoding for macOS

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The Swiss Army Knife of Workflow Software

With so many new ways to capture media, having an application to translate these clips into usable formats has become more and more important. Whether transcoding for the web, preparing clips for editing, or archiving proxies, having an exceptional application makes you the boss of all formats. Transcoding in faster, smarter, more efficient, and reliable ways, while removing manual work from the process, PrimeTranscoder is the swiss army knife of workflow software.

What Customers are Saying

"PrimeTranscoder has been my go-to app to get the post-production process moving, whether the project is a documentary or an advertising piece I am shooting, and whether it is in 4K or HD. PrimeTranscoder compresses files with visual timecode that gets shipped to the project editor and a transcription service at the end of each day. PrimeTranscoder creates an easily-shippable compressed file to get the post process rolling, whether the editor is across town or across the country. Occasionally, I encounter odd file types that need to be transcoded into something more useful for editorial. PrimeTranscoder has frequently saved the day, processing that oddball file into an editor-friendly ProRes file."

– Mark Smith, Oh Seven Films

"PrimeTranscoder is much faster — sometimes by as much as 50 percent — than Adobe Media Encoder, another tool I've used. PrimeTranscoder is far more accurate as well. A key factor for me is being able to trust the software to pull timecode correctly — something that had become a problem before PrimeTranscoder came along. I had found enough errors that I became wary of using the software and had to go back to doing it by hand. In my tests with PrimeTranscoder, I've seen few errors, which gives me faith that I'll be able to rely on it day in and day out. When you shoot up to a terabyte of footage per week like we do, all that extra speed and accuracy really adds up."

– Boyd Pickup, Director of Operations, HEC-TV