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Sonicfire Pro® 6

Create professional, customized soundtracks in light speed

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Sonicfire Pro® 6

The award-winning Sonicfire Pro® 6 software will speed up your post-production workflow like never before: No more music mixing, no more music cutting. With Sonicfire Pro’s powerful and sophisticated search tools, you pick a track from the SmartSound® music library. You enter your desired length and Sonicfire Pro® 6 instantly creates your own custom version of the music track (including beginning, main-part and ending) that perfectly fits your video timing. That’s it. Fast, efficient, and great-sounding.

Squeeze in the Press

“With a disguisedly simple interface, as well as a massive library of available music tracks, background ambience, and sound effects, SmartSound’s Sonicfire Pro 6 is much more than a royalty-free music service.”

– Sound & Picture

“SmartSound’s offerings cover a range of genres. Each track has been quantized into “beat blocks” that the Sonicfire Pro application uses to make automatic timing adjustments. While this description might make it sound like all the music would need to be synthetically generated, be assured that it isn’t. These tracks are played by humans with real instruments. If you want rock, electronic, symphonic, etc., you’ve got it.”

– Creative Planet Network