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Boris Continuum Color & Tone Unit

Professional Color Grading Tools

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Boris Continuum Color & Tone Unit

Color Correction, Color Matching, & Scopes

The Boris Continuum Color and Tone Unit brings professional color grading tools as well as videoscope monitoring to ensure your colors are safe. The included "3 Way Color Grade" filter allows you to independently adjust the bright, mid, and dark region of a clip via the built-in color spheres which are not only easy to use, but offer real-time results. The filter also offers a built-in power mask with two sets of controls - one for outside the mask and one for inside the mask. The "Correct Selected Color" filter is a dedicated secondary color corrector with easy-to-use color isolation tools. Other included filters offer control over the whole look of the image, such as "Tritone", which maintains the luma levels while tinting/toning the image.